Moon in the blue sky.

I love to see the beauty of a translucent Moon floating in the blue sky, it’s always a gift. I’ve wanted to use this title for some time; I tend to store up and keep titles until they find a home. This piece was conceived after the first heavy-ish fall of snow we had at the start of the year and as I made it it became apparent that the title Moon in the blue sky had a destination.

I took some images of the snowy trees and garden, it was relatively early so the colours were quite dark and dramatic. I later printed them after a brief edit onto some fairly unpleasant bright white stiff silk. I have no idea where it came from, disconcertingly, but the prints were beautiful, so I think its found its purpose, at least. Typically I don’t have that much left and now wouldn’t mind some more. I used my inkjet printer, after ironing the silk onto Bondaweb, and putting sellotape along the feed edge.

We have jays visiting our winter garden, not so many lately, but in the past we’ve had a visiting pair and one, many years ago, who would take peanuts from your hand.

So I decided this piece needed a jay, especially as I had a drawing ready to go of a jay that I had never used, and I sorted out some other references too. Yes, this image was in the last post, but I thought I’d pop it into this one too, for a bit of continuity.

Above you can see the A4 sized snowy garden prints, with some thread and bead inspiration too. The little images of arches are a hedge from a garden visit, I can’t remember where, and what I think is a little stone altar, on a wall in Venice. I didn’t use these references eventually, they are saved for another day. I’ve always liked an arch.

Above, the finished piece, mixed materials on felt, 45 x 67 cm, 18 x 26 inches. I hand stitched it which did take a while, but when a piece is this sort of size manoeuvering it through the machine is unpleasantly difficult and can damage it, I’ve found.

A close up, above. The sky is indigo dyed silk. And below, a slightly closer view.

The stitching wasn’t particularly mindful or relaxing, as is the current fashion, but I didn’t think it would be. I use quite a few layers in some parts of my work and the needle doesn’t go through them with much grace. I use a sharpened bradawl to help. I’ve been doing this for years, one day I hope I will make something that is easy to hand stitch…I’m not holding my breath.

Below, an even closer view.

I have another five pieces waiting to be stitched, and no reason not to get on with them, so I’d better be off.

Thanks for reading! Look after yourselves.

12 thoughts on “Moon in the blue sky.

  1. Your jay is beautiful! I love the way the wings are outstretched and the colour and detail in the individual feathers.

    1. Thanks Pam, you are more than kind. I often think of doing an online course. I’ll have a good old think about it, it is something I would very much like to do. I wonder what would most appeal to people, a series of short workshops or a longer developmental course.

  2. I do like this – the colour of the jay against the sky, the outspread wings, the twiggy trees. Even if a bradawl was needed for the stitching! Have you tried a leather needle – maybe strong and sharp enough for the task??

  3. That jay is beautiful, and I love the way the wings look spiky and alive. Oh my, the Moon and the young trees in front. Lots of feeling and it feels like that moonlit night, a nice clear night too.
    Many thanks. Ann

      1. Oh dear snow but will make some lovely photos to work on in the summer!! We are lucky in east Devon. I took Minnie out in the rain and so much water and mud everywhere.Let’s hope we shall have that clear night.

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