It must be spring.

Since the botanical world has decided it’s time to get going, and the days are longer, it must indeed be spring. But watching our magnolias through the rather beautiful snow storms yesterday reminded me of the fickleness of this season. I love that it is, too.

However, I am also very fond of the magnolias, both of which are blooming profusely this year, so I don’t want to see the flowers shrivelled and browned. Amazingly they look ok so far; they’ve certainly stood up to those winds whipping down from the Arctic.

Our small but complex suburban garden is rather full as a result of years of my enthusiastic plant buying. It’s been taking up a lot of my time recently too, having had quite a sort out. It was good to be out in the fresh air so much; there are times when I am grateful for a complicated garden.

So creative work has been fitted in around the garden tasks, and I must admit I am so dragging my feet when it comes to finishing some bigger pieces. This week, yes this week, this one, below, will definitely be done and mounted.

It’s about 65 x 40 cm, so not that large really, but it is absorbing a lot of stitch and beading.

This piece, above, is actually finished now. Here it is in its early stages, just laid down and ready to stitch.

And all done, above. Both pieces are on felt backgrounds.

Above and below, two details. The birds are based upon Java sparrows, beautiful little birds.

I have started some new pieces that I’m hoping will go into the Festival of Quilts this year. The Festival is all set to go ahead, but if it doesn’t they will undoubtedly be holding the digital exhibition again.

I’ll write about the new work when it has progressed a little more. The artist’s book I posted about last time has had its finishing postponed. I like my books to be looked at properly and I doubt that people will be encouraged to touch. So next year perhaps.

Last week I needed some small, in front of the tv work, so quickly assembled some pieces from various squares and half – done felt experiments. The felt is purchased wool felt, I didn’t make it. Felt, as you know, is lovely and soft to stitch. My usual work is difficult to stitch by hand, yet I keep on doing it, so the felt is a wonderful relief. One day the hands will decide enough is enough!

So, as relaxing noodling along pieces, these are great to work on. The first piece started as a square but then developed onto a pebble, and others followed. I’m not sure what will happen next, I’m just working my way through them, adding hand stitch and beads. They’ll be around for a while I should think, filling in gaps between other projects.

Keep well, back soon.

14 thoughts on “It must be spring.

    1. Ah, thanks Dorothy. I always find starting with something small and leaving it out, with the materials you are using, so you can dip into it frequently [ideally!] is a good way to get back into the swing of things.

  1. Beautiful work! I can see the attraction of using felt and other softer (or looser weave, maybe) fabrics as time goes on. My hands are not up to the same usage when I’m gardening etc, so I’m learning to be a bit more careful…but then the rest of me is requiring care too, LOL!

    1. Thanks Ann! Like you I notice when gardening that my hands become tired more quickly. Gardening isn’t easy on the hands, and indeed on quite a few other components, though. I’m not so good at the self care, I admit. I must learn to remind myself to look after my hands, rather than take them for granted as I always have. They may last a bit longer then!

      1. I think that sometimes it’s about finding different ways to do things so as not to put too much stress on them….and the knees, back etc!!

  2. I love the felt, such soft variations in colour. I have moved to a new build and my garden was a patch of rubble and clay but now has a patio, lawn and beds full of tulips, clematis, roses and lots of other plants that I check on every day to watch their progress. It’s been hard on the hands and back but is giving me so much joy. I hope to see you at the FOQ this year, isn’t it a relief to be able to go out again and see friends and loved ones.

    1. Ah, thanks Catherine, lovely to hear from you. The new garden sounds beautiful, a garden can keep you going and be so good for you [not always for the back, and various other parts, as you say!] The fresh air is what I enjoy though too. I hope you are managing some creative work. I aim to visit FoQ, fingers crossed.

      1. I am on Easter holidays at the moment and have been doing one of Este MacLeods three week workshops, a project everyday during the week then a bigger weekend project. Learning lots of new techniques with watercolour, liquid acrylic and dip pen, she is so inspiring.

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