I’m working on a new series of work at the moment, with the hope that it will go to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham, later this year. Hopefully the Festival will run, but if not they do a wonderful online show, with many things on offer including excellent courses.

‘Gift’ is a group of stitched pieces in hoops, based upon some words I’ve written. I imagine it could be called a poem.

It’s basically about appreciating and being amazed by the Earth, its immense history, its place in the Universe and so on. These themes inform much of my work. It delves into my love of living natural history, and natural history collections, and in using mixed media; the pieces are all made from appliquéd fabrics, a mix of plain, printed and hand painted, and paper, printed with my digital images.

The pieces are hand stitched and porcelain pieces and beads are used throughout. The hoops are 12 inches/30 cm, which I find a good size. There’s a good amount of space to work with, and although the stitching and beading take time, the end is always in sight since the pieces aren’t huge! I’ve been through that stage of making large scale work and I don’t think I want to re visit it soon.

The drum like and contained approach of stitching in a hoop really works for me. And they can carry a good amount of heavier media should you wish; I still want to stitch lots of pebbles onto a piece, those lovely flat ones. And sea glass too.

Here we are, above, working on the first piece, which is of course actually the 5th piece in the series. Why start at the beginning? The ideas for the other pieces evolved from this first hoop.

Below, some more materials lined up for possible inclusion. These are digitally printed papers and silk, except for that zebra stripy piece of fabric, which is a commercial fabric and I love it.

Above and below, in no particular order, as they say, more pieces in progress.

So, that’s seven so far, some more finished than others. There’s one more to go, which I’m planning to lay down later.

I’ll be painting the hoops white. When they are all done I’ll post them, in order…

10 thoughts on “Gift.

  1. I love the “museum” like feel with the tags but when you get up close they are so much more. Can’t wait to see all.

    1. Many thanks, you are very kind. It’s always enjoyable to play with the small details in a piece, and when people notice them and then go on to interpret them so sensitively it’s rather wonderful.

    1. Thanks Rachel. I think there’s less pressure when you start in the middle of a project. It can become confusing though, the order I’ve made these in is 5,6,2,3,1,4,7. At least 8 will be at the end, where it should be, or should it?

  2. Love these Stephanie, so rich and lively. I love the opportunities the medium provides – stitching pebbles and sea glass, wonderful!

    1. Thanks Phil! I can see that pebbles and sea glass would resonate with you at the moment. You have inspired me to use some on the final piece, rather than just write about it.

  3. Hi Steph, these pieces are gorgeous I love the colours you’re using, I can see you’re enjoying your work, thanks so much for sharing, Jenny x

    1. Many thanks Jenny, I hope all is good with you. Yes, I am particularly enjoying this series, I’ve decided it’s fine to use as many beads as I like, less is more doesn’t apply here!

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