The Moon remains.

I’ve finished The Moon remains, a piece I’ve made for the Festival of Quilts to be held at the NEC, BirminghamUK, from July 29 until August 1.

It’s 1m x 70cm, made from collaged mixed fabrics, some printed and painted using acrylic paints, some digitally printed, some plain commercial fabrics, and printed Khadi paper, on black felt. It’s densely quilted by machine with metallic thread. It took a while!

The felt is a wonderful surface to quilt, resulting in a great texture. I’ll be using this combination of materials again, undoubtedly.

It’s mounted on canvas as it’s embellished with some porcelain pieces.

The piece is based upon some words I’ve written.

The night bird steps 

into the silvered  day,

and stars prepare their 

dance, unseen.

Through the lattice of 


the Sun becomes invisible,

the Moon remains.

Below, the work in various stages, and finished, ending with some details of the finished piece.

Thank you!

8 thoughts on “The Moon remains.

  1. Hello Stephanie Thank you so much for sharing this piece as it means I am able to see it, though not “in the flesh”. I will not be attending FoQ this year as I have to use public transport, a tram and two trains, and I know the trains are usually standing room only from Nottingham to Birmingham and I am still nervous about mixing so closely. This piece is beautiful as is all your work. Good luck with the show

    Jackie x


    1. Thanks Jackie,
      I’m sorry you won’t be able to go to the show but I completely agree that over full trains are something to avoid. Hopefully the piece will be on show elsewhere and possibly at FoQ next year too if I have my own stand.

  2. I’m also less than keen to travel to Birmingham this year, so it’s lovely to see at least something. The colours are beautifully silvery and you’ve created a lovely effect.

  3. Its lovely, and your words are beautiful, I won’t be going to the quilt show,so only able to see it here., will this be in a new book?

    1. Many thanks Marie, I’m pleased you like it. It may be at another show or two in the future, with any luck. It has no plans as yet to be in a book but you never know!

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