Collage and pattern.

I’ve been using collage as an idea and a design tool for a very long time. I find it an excellent way to freely and vigorously create and develop images, often producing great surprises.

I have recently sorted out my collage paper collection. There didn’t seem to be that much, but many sheets and snippets of paper can fit into quite a small space, and it was a mess. Here is some of it below.

I used some to put together some tiny collages to stitch as cards. I really enjoy making these. Here is the pile of cut out and assembled cards ready to be finished with stitch and beads, and mounted onto card stock.

I culled a few papers I didn’t much like and then made a series of small collages. They are about A5, 8 x 5.5 inches. I layered and photographed them with various pieces from my small natural history collection, drift wood, shells, a wasp nest, dried leaves. I must make a note to try some with fresh flowers.

Here are some of those below.

Some were simply collages constructed for a photograph then deconstructed.

I printed a selection of the images onto cotton and silk inkjet fabrics.

Although it was my intention to make only relatively small pieces of work for a while, these images demanded a bigger canvas. Well it’s linen actually, just over a metre by a metre, around 40 x 40 inches.

I didn’t want to cut into the collage images too much, I mostly just sliced and separated them and placed them on the fabric.

I drew and selected pattern shapes for the birds, trees and so on and cut them out of more digitally printed fabric, along with some plain cottons, laying them across the linen. This is always my favourite part of making work.

I need a bigger table.

After pinning the piece to some calico craftily hung from the wardrobe doors I was able to add finishing touches.

I’ve bonded it to a calico backing before stitching as I like a firm piece to work on. I intend to hand stitch it, which should slow things down to say the least.

I have more collages and photo/collage combinations that are suggesting more new work. I should, I know, finish this one before I start another but that’s never been my way. I always think if the enthusiasm is there just go with it.

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  1. Always such a privilege to witness the way you develop your work Steph, and this is very inspiring, thank you so much. The final piece is lovely and I look forward to seeing more as you develop it further. Yes agreed, if the enthusiasm and ideas are there……let them flow!

    best wishes Annette x

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