Reminders of the sea.

I’ve not had a great deal of time to work recently but I have enjoyed some evening hand stitching on my sea series. That’s why I find working in hoops so liberating, they are easy to pick up, work on a little, put down.

This sea shrine piece, below, has gone through some changes. It was originally home to some sea urchins but they decided not to cooperate, so this fishy chap was employed instead. More work needs to be done to make the urchins agreeable, so they may or may not appear in the future. They were made from very fraying Japanese silk, which I love, but it’s not at all compliant.

These below are now finished too.

Above, detail, with feet.

And to finish, below, the next one waiting to be stitched. I was going to end this series here, originally. But I’m enjoying making these so will add a couple more, probably more little sea shrines, I think.

7 thoughts on “Reminders of the sea.

  1. Thanks Rachel! Now don’t be awkward, asking about those delinquent urchins…
    I think the Japanese silk is quite a complex fabric to start with and looked better with no stitch or any beads at all. That didn’t really fit in with the piece though, so they are still being ruminated upon.

  2. It looks as if I’ll have to have another go with the urchins then! I was putting it off…
    The beads are gemstone chips, but I’ve had them for ages. I usually buy them from various bead stands at textile shows, but they are probably available online. I’ll have to check myself soon, I’m running out of them as they are a favourite.

  3. These are very beautiful! I love your delicate use of beads and stitches, especially against the plain background. The urchins sound intriguing, so I hope that you do find a way to make them behave and that you show us… 🙂

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