Works in progress.

I’ve finished and sent off all my work for my show at Queen Street Gallery in Neath, Wales. The exhibition starts on May 7 and runs until May 28. Posting work is always a worry, particularly a whole show, but it’s arrived safely and undamaged, so I’m happy. The packing was less than elegant…

After I’d faffed about packing the work up and sending it it was good to be able to get back to thinking about some new work. I’ve called this post works in progress but really it should be called work I’ve started. I have around three or indeed four projects on the go, not counting the unfinished dressmaking.

I don’t seem to be able to stick to one at a time these days. I care not, it should be fun and enjoyable and to me that means doing what you want when you want to, which seems to be everything at the same time around here.

Firstly, some landscape pieces, in preparation and laid down. Yes, I do use all the scissors all the time too.

Next, the project I call my journal project, a collection of collages older and new, with printed text and I hope more textular additions, possibly written by hand. I want to stitch the pages too, I like that machine stitch on paper look, the crunchiness of it. I’m going to put them into a chunky ring binder. It will be an ongoing affair; when the basics are done I can add to it wherever I want to in the pages.

Below, some images, the first one of some of the papers I used, followed by some pages. I’m wanting to use all these papers and collage pieces rather than push them into a messy folder. Also, printing on tracing paper, ooh, love it.

I’ve also started a fabric project, which will be hand stitched. I like working with digital images and had printed off quite an amount onto special ink jet fabrics. I like the poplin and silk especially, and have used most of the fabric in different pieces of work. The scraps are being put together in mosaics on linen, and will be hand stitched with beads and some of my porcelain pieces added. I need to make more porcelain, particularly smaller pieces.
The two above are ready to be stitched. There will be one or perhaps two more in the series. The little piece below is an early idea of how the pieces may look.

Lastly, and phew I hear to say, if you’ve got this far, I’m still heavily into needlepoint. I’m quite excited as I’ve ordered a shade card of DMC wools, which seems to be taking a long time to arrive, fingers crossed it will get here eventually.

This will prevent me from ordering the wrong colours consistently from the internet, I hope. Not that they are that wrong, they will be used, but if I get any more of the wrong pink I will shout.

I’ve started a new needlepoint series, below is number one. I was watching the normal life episode of Grayson’s Art Club, and thought it would be interesting to observe my normal life. I’d forgotten it was called that, however, and I’ve called my series Ordinary, which I will stick with now.

A walk around the suburban roads, a few images taken, and it seems I’ve suddenly become keen on large vehicles and white vans. This is fun, and I chose this image and fiddled on Photoshop with it, mainly for fun. It’s the 39A bus, folks!

I’ve had to include the shadow of a moth, perhaps showing there’s magic everywhere, if you’re lucky. No stitches yet, plenty of weird internet chosen colours to get going with though.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to create, like I am, and bloody grateful for it too, keep at it, and keep sharing.


11 thoughts on “Works in progress.

  1. Your works are incredible, how do you attach all the pieces before stitching them down??Regards,Linda CherrySent from my Galaxy

  2. There is nothing quite so nerve-wracking as packing up something for the post when you’ve slaved over it for hours! I’m glad you had something creative to turn to afterwards and delight in!

      1. Aww bless! If only mine were as gorgeous and prolific as yours! I will actually be passing through Swansea that Saturday but unable to stop!! šŸ˜«

      2. Many thanks Amanda! It was good of you to post images of my show on your blog and to buy a piece. It looks very at home. The dogs look so happy too. We used to go to Pembrokeshire a lot, I do miss it. xxx

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