Repurposing the repurposed.

I’m very much into using what I have these days, in terms of textile and other art supplies. This includes some older finished pieces that I’m happy to cut up and play around with, to then include in new work. It’s better than having them sit around aimlessly and it makes me feel thrifty, as well as being fun too.

I sorted some materials that I thought may work with the latest condemned embroidery. Not everything gets used, even though I always try to shoehorn as much as possible in. I then spend ages taking a great deal out. I wanted these pieces to be quite busy though, a mix of interesting areas combined with more mono or plainer spaces.


These three pieces below are the result.



The birds are from a large piece that I laid down last year, and although I liked it I realised I would never finish it. Smaller seems to be the way these days.

The idea is to stitch them quite closely with machine stitch, which I may do. I say may as although I like these pieces in some ways I really am not one for too much raised texture in my textile work. I like fine, flat and graphic on the whole. So the stitch would really have to flatten them a lot to make me happy. The already added beads could be a pest!

A neutral unifying thread used on all pieces may be the way. When I’d finished laying them down I put some images into Photoshop, and liked the results, below.

I’m possibly more likely to print these out and use them in some work. That seems fine, the originals can sit around and could spark something in the future, but doing them has been interesting and I have ended up with a good resource too.

I do many little sketches of ideas in my sketch books, but also see collage as my main and most interesting idea development tool. These fabric collages fit into that bracket, and I am tempted to do more whether they are finished as they stand, or not.



I’ve been in the garden, gardening of course but also using it as inspiration. It’s growing rather well this year…

I am tending to let it do its own thing more and more. The reason of course is that it’s good for insects, [ honestly, I mean it, even though so many of them like to eat me ] but also it looks good, and that this particular cunning plan matches my energy levels these days.


I know that in every way this garden is in my work. It’s not a big garden, but it offers a lot. This new series of work, below, feeds from the view from our kitchen window. Well, not the sea piece, unfortunately. They are all waiting to be stitched. They are in 10 inch/26 cm hoops.


I don’t yet have a title for this series, which is unusual. One will appear. Below are two night pieces from the series.

The piece below is finished.


So there we are. Thanks for reading, if you did. If not I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

8 thoughts on “Repurposing the repurposed.

  1. Beautiful work as always! It’s fascinating to see how you re-use work to make new pieces and to see how you use Photoshop to work on your ideas. Love how your garden is such an inspiration – that’s what mine is intended to be too (as well as being a mini haven for bees and others).

    1. Thanks Ann, your garden and images are an inspiration to me, too. There’s always something happening in the garden isn’t there, it changes daily.

  2. Love the night pieces. The black background really compliments your designs.

  3. There is nothing like chopping pieces and to recreate something even more lovely.
    I especially love the piece, little squares surrounded by it looks like pebbles.
    I love the night pieces too.

    It is all inspiring to me so thankyou so much.
    I have sent this to friends, two who need this inspiration to overcome a worrying time.
    Do enjoy your work. I do love your garden too. Never mind about the midges.!
    Now I will dig out some of my pieces.
    All the best Steph.

    1. Thanks Ann, that’s very kind. I find others work uplifting, so I hope your friends find something of use in this post.
      I have insect repellant now! It would be good to see more of your work too, last time I saw it I found the direction you were taking really interesting.

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