A few weeks ago I was demonstrating during my small solo show at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery. I was very fortunate in that there were many visitors; it was very jolly. I’m always grateful when people take the time to come to these occasions, and to see the show, so thanks to all of you. The RBSA frequently supports these demonstration days featuring a range of artists, and they are always worth going to. I had some of my artist’s books on display, for people to handle and look through, and after doing so a couple of generous people suggested I should gather together all the words, text and poems I have written for my books, and publish them. So I have. It was very enjoyable to design, and is all in black and white, with 63 pages and 22 illustrations, large and small, taken from the books themselves. It’s called Thoughts. I’ve used a mix of papers in the book too, to once again make it as special as possible and be an artist’s book in its own right. Cover copyI’ll be taking some to the Festival of Quilts, but I can take mail orders too. The book is £10.00, plus £3.50 postage. Please contact me via my website if you fancy one.

Found at the RBSA Gallery.

Sorry to those of you who have already had notification of this post, I took it off as soon as I had posted it as there seemed to be an image crush, but who knows. Here it is again, anyway, or not, for those who are seeing it for the first time.

Well at long last our exhibition has started at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery in Birmingham. It was a pleasure to hang, even though these things always take me absolutely ages, and to be given wonderful help and cake by Gwen, our fourth member who decided not to be in this show but is selflessly fully involved still.

So, a few pictures of the show. Come along if you can, it’s free, and we will be having meet the artists days on Saturdays 5th and 12th April, 11-1 and 2-4, and Sunday 6th April during the afternoon only, 2-4. We will be demonstrating some of our techniques in an ongoing way, so you can drop in whenever you like.







DSC_0008Annette Lucas’s work, all based on a garden theme. I love these mysterious shadowy pieces.

DSC_0026Annette again, luscious nasturtiums.

DSC_0025And one of Annette’s 3d pieces with a companion picture.

Jacqui Calladine lives in Seattle at the moment but is very pleased to be home for the duration of this show. She based her work on her grandmother’s paintings and recipe book, using digital printing and machine and hand stitch.






And here are mine, the eight Natural History pieces, my framed works, and my large piece Found, the latter hanging altogether for the first time.








DSC_0014 1

The larger the piece, the tinier it looks in a photograph. It is actually about 2.80 x 1.60 metres.