I particularly like looking at peoples’ workshops and studios online and occasionally in real life. Naturally there is a lot to see, from amazing huge spaces to tiny corners and work stations in cupboards.

It seems this is a shared interest as when I posted an image of my little fabric trolley some time ago I had quite a few emails asking more about my workspace, small and less than amazing as it is.

I think people struggle with too much stuff, much of which is quite nice and may come in useful some day [if we lived to 250 or longer that is] and want a magic solution. I do too.

My main room is compact, now there’s a description, about 240 x 190 cm, approximately 8 x 6 feet. There’s a lot in it but I do pare down some of my materials for various reasons, which is probably a good idea, given the lack of space. I do however feel more creative with less stuff, and to move forward editing out ancient materials that seem to demand I use them even though it’s never going to happen, seems to be the way.

Some people love their stuff though and that’s fabulous.

The little trolley isn’t in use at the moment, he may come back soon, but I thought it would be fun to show a few images of the studio/workroom, and my plan chest, and my other work station downstairs [basically not far from the tv.]

I took these images after I had tidied up, I am a tidy person but don’t mind a mess when working, obviously. Well I say obviously but really only up to a point. I do have to be careful though as I fear I wouldn’t be able to get into, or worse, out of the room, if I didn’t keep an eye on things.

I love my chair, but it is seriously too big for the space…
Cabinet drawers.
More contents of cabinet drawers, try not to get too excited now.
Fabric, some paper, and collage materials stored under the table.
The ever useful plan chest, which is downstairs, not in the little room, and two lots of needlepoint in progress in the living room.
The drawers of the plan chest, with finished work, paper etc, and yarns. I do have quite a lot of yarn, and don’t feel a need to reduce the amount except by making work. I’m trying not to buy anymore though.

And to round off, some tomatoes. Well why not, they’ve done really well this year. I haven’t grown them for many years and it’s nice to be back.

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  1. Thanks Phil, it is a space I love to be honest. I too lose things, even with a small amount of materials I’m often ploughing through drawers and folders looking for that elusive essential item…

  2. And I thought my studio was small. It’s about 10 by 10 ft. Like you I only feel creative when it’s organized although I can let go when I’m in the midst of piece.

    1. Yes you need to be fairly vigilant with a small space, in different ways. One is to keep it tidy enough to work in and another is to not let the lack of space suppress your ideas. I’m tending towards making smaller work and if I want to make larger pieces I will design and make them in components to join together in some way.

  3. Lovely to see where you work. My studio is a complete mess; it’s my winter project to clear it up. I’m an emotional hoarder of textile stuff! I have vintage threads that I’ve collected over the years that i just can’t bring myself to get rid of. I’ve tried selling some of them but it seems not many folks think a half reel of old thread – however pretty the colour – is as precious as I do!

    1. Hi Jacqui! Well I think if you enjoy your threads and so on it shows that they are important and necessary in your practice, especially if you work with emotional issues at times. I certainly keep some things that others may consider strange. Good luck with the winter tidy too.

  4. Steph, I love that you create such stunning work in such a small space, it is so inspiring to everyone who wants to be creative but thinks they need a studio. I agree some of us just have too much ‘stuff’ and it’s overwhelming. I had a cull when I moved house and it is liberating. Thank you for sharing xxxxx

  5. Too true, no studio needed. I started in the kitchen, had a couple of rented studios then came home and basically spread myself about. I wouldn’t mind a big studio though, but at home please! Always good to cull though.

  6. Thank you, the mosaic is glass tiles I put onto several work surfaces in the kitchen, it’s made a darker corner look lighter and brighter.
    Sometimes you have to work all over the house though, I like to think it’s really living in and using your home, and I do like the sofa in the evening…

  7. Lovely space. Nice and tidy! After I lost everything in 2003 I went into panic buying mode and collected, bought and found everything! Now I’m paying for that in having too much. It doesn’t help that I like to do so many things from stitch to glass and jewellery etc. I’m working on not buying any more! I made #useupthecraftstuff a few years ago and I’m really sticking to it. I want the downstairs guest bedroom back and my studio workable again. I may be some time……

    1. Thanks Amanda, it is a space I love, even though it’s rather small. Perhaps that suits me at this stage.
      I think it’s great to be a multi media artist; indeed it does lead to the urge to collect materials that hold so much potential. Likewise it’s good to use up what you have; this is something I’m working on too. I am moving stuff along in other ways too, so as not to feel overwhelmed. I am a very impatient sort too.
      You seem to be amazingly successful with your finishing of a range of projects too! I’ll check out your hashtag.

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